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  • We are a 100% volunteer organization

Rescue Equipment

As we mentioned last Spring, RMHR is very pleased to announce the ability to provide FREE rescue equipment for any organization or individual in Colorado who has the need. With the help of a grant from the Lauretta Boyd Charitable Trust and our wonderful major donors: Carole Kenney, Nancy Gooding, Sue Tinder, Harriet Weisenthal, Robyn Thurber, Bini Abbott, Heather Christie, Sally Larsh, Susie Stroh and Nancy Reed, we have been able to purchase several valuable and life-saving tools.

  • 2 complete sets of the Anderson Sling -- in 3 sizes! (Large, medium & foal/pony)
  • A "Glide" for dragging a recumbent (downed) horse out of a field or enclosure with extra slip sheets. The "Glide" can also be used to pull an animal into a trailer for transport to a hospital or similar care facility
  • A portable Dura-Pic Tripod for suspending an animal in a sling.
  • Helicopter sling rescue equipment.
  • Gel pads to protect from pressure sores.
  • Leg Supports

Our slings have been used by vet clinics and even to rescue a horse who fell into a swimming pool. We have also suspended "Lucky", the life size training model provided by Shirley Hoffman of Horses Forever, in the rescue sling as an exhibit at the Colorado Horse Expo and Halloween for Horses. We will continue to use "Lucky "in future seminars/expos to help train vets, firemen, owners and any other rescue personnel interested in the use of the rescue equipment. For more information on our rescue equipment please reference this One Page Overview.

In the future we hope to purchase an Emergency Animal Lift (e.g. to lift a fallen animal on the road to get him/her on his feet and out of danger). In addition, we would like to retrofit a trailer to provide an equine ambulance for transporting an injured standing animal who needs sling support; or for a fallen animal who needs to be winched in while down for transport to a clinic or safety.

Of course, we hope to achieve these goals with the help of all of you - our very generous donors.


Newsletters are now published once a year. All of our newsletters are created in Adobe Dreamweaver and are converted to Adobe PDF for download. If you have any suggestions for future content please contact us.

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Rocky Mountain Horse Rescue is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization. All donations are tax deductible.

We need horse friendly homes and people to provide foster homes for our new and incoming rescued horses. If you have a horse safe property and would like to volunteer time and affection to a horse after we rehabilitate it, please contact us. RMHR may or may not have a horse ready for foster care right away, but when we need one, we will have your home on file.

We greatly appreciate any monetary contributions you would like to give no matter how large or small. We use these gifts to purchase feed, hay, supplies etc. as well as put a portion into our rescue fund to enable us to purchase slaughter bound horses. We also appreciate donations of new OR used tack, blankets, equipment, tools, etc. If you'd like to contribute please print and submit a Contribution Form or contact us.

Up for Adoption

Mariah: Mariah is a tall 12 year old Thoroughbred mare who requires an excellent rider. She usually exhibits great stable manners, butcan be a handful at times.


Sage: Sage is a super older Quarterhorse who has definitely been well-trained in his former life. He has an involuntary "hitch in his get-a-long" at the walk which decreases with increased speed. Senior feed and/or leafy alfalfa are the best feeds for him in the winter. Riders of all abilities enjoy riding him for trail or pleasure. He gets along with all other horses and has great ground manners. Sage is looking for his perfect forever home.



Rennie: Rennie is a registered Missouri Foxtrotter who had a long career with the U.S. Forest Service. He is very much loved by our volunteers for his sweet nature. Rennie is an easy keeper who can not be boarded on pasture.



Billie Holliday: Billie is an attractive 14 hand Quarter-type mare who can be ridden English or Western Pleasure. She is good on the trail, but not for rank beginners. She would not be happy in speed or jumping events.



Reprieve: Seven year old Reprieve is a thoroughbred race mare who was rescued out of the kill pen.
Now that she has regained her health and strength, we will work on her rehabilitation under saddle as a pleasure horse or ?


Tiger: Tiger is a 6-7 year old and is almost ready to be ridden. He still has trust issues, but has com a long way since being gelded.



Tommy: Tommy is a 9-10 year old Arabian gelding, 14.3 hands high, green broke in August 2012. He is being ridden at a walk, trot, and canter by a trainer. He needs a very experienced rider to reach his full potential.



Hope: Hope has many issues in trusting people. She is 9 or 10 years old and does have a slight breathing problem from an indentation on her face.
Cute as a bug, Hope needs a very understanding and patient adopter.



Popeye: Popeye is a spunky Shetland Pony who has been used in lessons for experienced children.
He had an eye removed years ago and has adjusted well. He also would make a great companion for a lonely horse.


If you're interested in Horse Adoption please contact Bini Abbott at (303) 424-0037.



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