Billie Holiday Finds her Forever Home


Billie and Linda overlooking Lake Dillon, Ptarmigan Trail, Silverthorne

Last March, my dear Arab Diamond lost his battle with Cushing’s Disease. I knew it was time to let him go—he’d been sick for over a year– but it was so very hard. We have another older horse at the barn and we were worried that he wouldn’t do well alone. So, a wonderful friend brought her horse to our barn to keep Chance company.

In the meantime, I started to put the word out to friends and acquaintances that I was looking for another horse. I looked at many web sites and want ads trying to find a horse. Three weeks later, my husband and I spent my birthday weekend in Denver. We visited another horse rescue (no ‘magic’ there) though the folks were very nice.

The next day we met up with Bini, whom I’d talked with on the phone. After hearing my story, and discussing the type of horse I hoped to find, she said she thought she had the horse for me. I really was trying to not get my hopes up, but I was really excited to meet Bini as I felt a kinship with her just from speaking with her!

Sunday morning dawned clear and bright, and we headed over to the Rocky Mountain Horse Rescue. I met and rode Billie Holliday, who had been at the Rescue for 5 years. She was a great ride, with lots of energy and I felt we could make a good team. So, we agreed that I might adopt Billie after a second visit.

I went to ride her one more time in March, then brought her home to the mountains at the end of April. We had a very snowy May, but Billie didn’t seem to mind.

We spent the spring, summer and fall getting to know one another, and learning about mountain riding. Crossing streams was a challenge at first—Billie wanted to jump over every one, but she eventually got used to it. She is really sure footed, and we have tested her on all sorts of trails. When Diamond was sick, I wasn’t able to ride often. Billie has renewed my love for riding, and she seems to enjoy it as much as I do! My friend Katie has an amazing (and huge) Thoroughbred/Percheron cross named Gus. We ride together a lot, and Billie sets the pace!

Her manners on the ground and trailering are wonderful, and her personality is fun with just the right touch of mischief! I am so very grateful to have found Billie, and I thank Bini every day for the introduction.

I hope that everyone is as fortunate as I am to have the chance to meet a new and wonderful horse!

Happy riding, Linda Hrycaj

Editor’s Note:
Readers may wonder why it took so long to find the perfect adopter for Billie. At only 14 hands tall, this little mare needed a small, but accomplished rider who didn’t mind an occasional buck when starting to canter. Her age and aversion to jumping in the show ring were also considerations to prospective adopters.

But at last, Linda has come into Billie’s life—so that she is now assured of her FOREVER HOME!

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