Haulers and Transporters

We owe a huge thank you to the kind souls who transported and hauled both hay and horses for RMHR this past year.

Wendy Haas and Dan Jago even brought us “Snowflake” clear from Wyoming. Jenny Alsberg, Carolyn Kavinski, Laura Gill, Colleen Ryan, Kris Nixon, Joel Rifkin and Connie Caruso have trailered our horses within Colorado.

Hay haulers who have used their pickups, flatbeds and retrievers include Terry Michel, Kristin Nixon and Justin Tedford.

The donations of great grass hay (we also like alfalfa for some horses) have really helped us in this dry year. One anonymous donor gave us an eight-bale high stack of 160 bales which was delivered intact by use of a receiver. Celia Thomas of Cross the Meadow Farm donated 60 bales while neighbor Larry Hart gave us 20 bales and Robert Steller donated 70 bales.

We truly appreciate the generosity of these folks and their donations.

Justin Tedford of Tedford Trucking maneuvers 160 bales of donated hay into our hay barn

Larry Hart stacks donated hay

Joel Rifkin of Run Amok Transportation unloads October Sky who came to the rescue following the death of his owner

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