Free Use of Rescue Equipment

RMHR is very pleased to announce the ability to provide FREE rescue equipment for any organization or individual who has the need. With the help of a grant from the Lauretta Boyd Charitable Trust and our wonderful donors: Carole Kenney, Nancy Gooding, Sue Tinder, Harriet Weisenthal, Robyn Thurber, Bini Abbott, Heather Christie, Sally Larsh, Susie Stroh and Nancy Reed, we have been able to purchase several valuable and life-saving tools. We also offer training sessions on the use of the rescue equipment to veterinarians, firemen, policemen, animal control officers and any other interested individuals.

The Anderson Sling

Available in large, medium, and foal sizes. The sling uses straps, pads and pulleys to lift and support a horse while shifting his weight to his skeletal structure rather than pressure points. May be used long term, but only for several hours a day.

asling1 asling2

Large Animal Lift

Used to lift a down (recumbent) horse to get it on its feet—e.g. out of a ditch or off a road. The LAL can be applied by one or two people in as little as five minutes to a horse with little or no sedation.

lal1 lal2

Glide with Slipsheets

For sliding a recumbent horse out of a field or into a stall or trailer.


The Dura-Pik Tripod

Shown supporting “Lucky” – the practice horse model for training personnel in the use and application of the rescue equipment—made available by Horses Forever, contact Shirley Hoffman  (303) 651-3070 or, email at