When you Suspect Abuse and Neglect

In all but the most extreme conditions, it’s often difficult to determine whether abuse and neglect is occuring with an animal. Some animals suffer from illnesses that might cause them to look neglected when they have a wonderful and loving owner. Pregnant mares might look malnourished when this is a natural phase of pregnancy. Although there is no foolproof method for abuse determination many rescue organizations and veterinarians rely on the Henneke Scale to judge a horse’s condition. Information on the Henneke Scale can be found here.

Your best avenue if you suspect abuse is to call one of our staff. We’ll work with you to determine a condition of an animal and available avenues to rectify the situation.

Rocky Mountain Horse Rescue 2016/2017 Board & other Positions

RMHR Position
Phone Number
President Bini Abbott (303) 424-0037
Vice President Ranya Kelly (303) 431-0904
Treasurer Cathy Corcoran (303) 425-0646
Secretary Mary Norden (303) 978-1850
Western Colorado Horse Evaluations / Fund Raising Ruth Ann Burnett (970) 245-7774
Special Events Carole Kenney (303) 840-4384
 Northern Colorado Horse Evaluations  Laura Gill (970) 371-1446
 Eastern Colorado Horse Evaluations  Kris Nixon (303) 910-1689
 Veterniarian Advice Lois Toll, DVM (303) 794-6359
 Website & Newsletter Rob Nixon (303) 204-1898
 Facilities Terry Michel (303) 464-0718
*When in doubt, please contact Bini Abbott for inquiries.