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Awesome Dawson

Although we always hope our horses find forever homes when they are adopted out of the rescue, sometimes circumstances change. Our adoption contract stipulates that we will always take back an adopted horse if the adopter can no longer care for it, and a suitable home can’t be found. Awesome Dawson is one such story.

Dawson first came to the rescue in the summer of 2009, at the age of sixteen. He had sustained a serious injury to his left hind fetlock and his owners were unable to afford proper vet care for him. Our vets were not optimistic about his future after radiographing the injury. But he seemed like he had a fighting spirit, so we decided to give him some time. Although he has never been sound enough to ride, Dawson recovered sufficiently to gallop and buck, and his phenomenal disposition makes him the perfect companion horse.

In 2010, Gisela Lefor contacted the rescue, inquiring about a possible companion for her riding horse, as his current pasture buddy was aging rapidly, and she was afraid she would lose him soon. Sadly, that turned out to be true, and Gisela came out to the rescue to see if any of our companion horses would suit her needs. It was love at first sight when she laid eyes on Dawson, and he went to live with her shortly after.

No horse was ever more loved than Dawson, and no owner was ever more dedicated. She lovingly renamed him “Seabiscuit” and referred to him as Biscuit.

Tragically, Gisela passed away in 2016. Her family was unable to care for her horses long term, so Biscuit came back to the rescue and brought his friend Sky with him. Biscuit/Dawson is 23 now, and is still managing well on his old injury. He moves a little slower, and requires a little more senior feed then he used to, but his fighting spirit remains the same.

Are you Dawson’s New Forever Home?

Dawson after some TLC

Dawson & Gisela

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