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Awesome Dawson

Although we always hope our horses find forever homes when they are adopted out of the rescue, sometimes circumstances change. Our adoption contract stipulates that we will always take back an adopted horse if the adopter can no longer care for it, and a suitable home can’t be found. Awesome Dawson is one such story.



Elston and Twiz in text book confirmation

Twiz has lived at RMHR two different times in his life while waiting to be adopted. He is a registered Rocky Mountain Horse who was born in 2005 in Maryland.

When he was six months old, Twiz developed such a terrible skin infection on his legs that large pieces of skin and flesh had to be cut off to save his life. He will always have large areas of scar tissue on his legs because the hair will never grow back.



Peaches and Bell at play

December 2013
We received Bell after a handicapped riding program gave up on her after a trial period. They couldn’t keep her sound; possibly because of her ballooning weight.

We placed the weight tape on (more…)


Our well traveled Anderson Sling once again made a journey to Alaska. The sling was used on the Nat Geo Wild program; Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet. In the episode of “When Horses Fly”, Dr. Oakley uses the sling to air lift some wild horses to a rancher wanting to preserve the blood line. If you have Nat Geo Wild in your cable/satellite package you can either watch the program online at the link below or catch the live re-run on Saturday, 10/5 at 5pm MDT.

Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet – When Horses Fly


Billie and Linda overlooking Lake Dillon, Ptarmigan Trail, Silverthorne

Last March, my dear Arab Diamond lost his battle with Cushing’s Disease. I knew it was time to let him go—he’d been sick for over a year– but it was so very hard. We have another older horse at the barn and we were worried that he wouldn’t do well alone. So, a wonderful friend brought her horse to our barn to keep Chance company. (more…)


Lucky, injured, but eating

Our well-traveled Anderson Sling made a trip to the wild lands of Alaska in September of 2015. We had received a call from Colby Hunt representing a company which was producing a new series for the Animal Planet cable channel on a veterinarian in Alaska titled “Dr. Dee, Alaska Vet”. (more…)