Where Are They Now? – Bell


Peaches and Bell at play

December 2013
We received Bell after a handicapped riding program gave up on her after a trial period. They couldn’t keep her sound; possibly because of her ballooning weight.

We placed the weight tape on our new 15 hand mare and the reading was 1,142 pounds; too much. Our task was to take off pounds gradually
through exercise and diet without starving our sweet quarterhorse.

We checked her weight every 10 days and after 30 days she was down to 1,018 pounds and maintained that weight until May when we checked her again after shedding her winter coat and the reading was 1,003 pounds.

Melanie Hood adopted Bell and continued to monitor Bell’s weight and the results are apparent when you see the pictures of Bell bucking and kicking up her heels while celebrating her love of life!

Bell, My Bell
by Melanie Hood-Lofthouse
I met Bell in January of 2014 at RMHR. She bit me when I was grooming her that first day. Over the next few months, I learned to ride her and figure out her style. Then by May 2014, Bini brought her to my property after I adopted her. At that time, Bini also loaned me Popeye, a Shetland pony, to be Bell’s companion. However, within a month, the two horses together were not working out. Bell and Popeye bonded so quickly, I had a hard time taking Bell out for a ride without Popeye terrorizing the pen and squealing when left behind. About July 2014, Bini picked up Popeye and brought me Peaches and Cream, a miniature mare. Peaches met Bell nose to nose and because I was standing behind her, she squealed and kicked me when they touched noses. I learned the hard way when horses meet for the first time, but I am more careful now.

Over the next few months, I was in learning mode; learning about both horses, figuring out how they were going to act toward each other, learning how much to feed them to maintain weight, deciding to shoe Bell’s front feet since she was tender on the hard trail, learning about floating teeth, shots, dewormer, etc. I even had to practice taking Peaches across the street to go on the trails because she was afraid to walk over the yellow line of the street.

My two girls get along so well now, I wish the world would stop moving so nothing changes. Bell is a kind, gentle horse, now 23 years old. I ride her 2 to 3 times per week, and take Bell and Peaches out at least two other times per week just walking when I have help. Bell loves to see other horses on the trail and she loves to roll in the sand round pen at our neighboring park. Sometimes she even kicks up her feet and amazes me with her energy.

I am so glad I adopted her. Thank you, Bini, for your recommendation of Bell to me!


Bell kicking up her heels


Bell and Melanie on a trail ride

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