Where Are They Now? – Twiz


Elston and Twiz in text book confirmation

Twiz has lived at RMHR two different times in his life while waiting to be adopted. He is a registered Rocky Mountain Horse who was born in 2005 in Maryland.

When he was six months old, Twiz developed such a terrible skin infection on his legs that large pieces of skin and flesh had to be cut off to save his life. He will always have large areas of scar tissue on his legs because the hair will never grow back.

A compassionate gal named Michelle bought Twiz from the breeder at seven months and raised and trained him until she donated him to our rescue in 2011. Her husband had lost his job so they were moving back to Maryland from their small ranch in Nederland, CO.

In April of 2012, Michelle asked us if she could have him back if he hadn’t been adopted. Since we hadn’t found the perfect adopter for our gaited boy with the huge personality, he was shipped back to his home state by commercial van.

In 2013, Michelle and her husband moved back to their Nederland ranch which hadn’t sold. So Twiz came back to Colorado again. However, in October of 2014, Michelle asked us if she could donate Twiz again as her marriage had failed.

Fast forward to the spring of 2016 when we had a call from Elston and his wife Marcia inquiring about Twiz possibly as a driving horse. We couldn’t picture Twiz pulling a cart on a busy road, but told them to come on out to the rescue and look at Twiz. When Elston got on Twiz and could get him to gait properly instead of breaking into a trot, we knew that we had finally found his forever home as a fantastic trail horse with many more adventures ahead.

Twiz Update
Please find attached pictures of Twiz. It shows him in a great walk and text-book confirmation. He is getting along very well. We’ve taken him on rides in the Pike National Forest, AF Academy, Garden of the Gods, Dome Rock, Indian Creek, Hidden Mesa and several other places. He is comfortable going on a trail or cross-country; up and down steep climbs, through brush and water. He gets ridden 4-5 times a week and now loads like a veteran in both 2-horse and 4-horse trailers.
We are working him on improving his running walk and canter transitions, side pass, back-up, muscle tone and stamina. He does very well and is learning more every time out. His attitude has improved 100%. He’s the first one that approaches, wanting to go for a ride.

We will try to send some video of his walk. It’s very nice.

Hope all is well with you.

Elston & Marsha


Elston and Twiz visting Garden of the Gods

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